Client Side Rendering vs Server Side Rendering

Akhila Ariyachandra on October 10, 2019

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My disadvantages against SSR:

  • Higher costs for backend infrastructure.
  • Many workarounds are necessary.
  • 3rd party tools not supporting.

I wouldn't say "have to wait a long time", it's simply not true. Usually the overhead is not bigger than ~200ms for static pages. The issue comes when you need extra API calls to construct your page, but even that case can be handled by injecting the initial responses into your index.html. It's a much cheaper solution and you don't need Node for it.

For SEO there is Prerender.io and similar solutions.


Hi Akhila,
In the below statement did you mean "Server" in the place of browser
"In a Universal Web App, the initial render will be done in the browser, and once the page loads client side rendering will take over."


Yes I meant server and just fixed it. Thanks for catching that!!! 😊


When I started webdevelopment I did Developer Side Rendering. This will be the next step ;)

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