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Source Control - Git

Well since I am from India, I don't see developers use any sort of SCM till they are at least five years old in the industry. Forget about Issue Tracker, they are usually happy with Network Share, USB Portable HDD, DropBox as SCM and Excel Spreadsheet as Issue Tracker.

Unit Testing with Code Coverage

No idea what is this even after 10 years !! and simply argue that why waste time in doing code coverage for obvious logic.

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment

Expensive, too much configuration, altogether different line of business compared to Coding. Most likely after 10+ years they learn that it is certainly better then manually compiling, copying files to shared folder and hitting F5. Though dev ops is separate job, but in smaller organization, they don't have special position and someone must still do it rightly.

Multi versioned Separate Staging Environment

Usually websites have different folders, /v1, /v1_test /v2, /v2_test .... and even database has tables as customers and its respective customers_test within the same database. It takes long time before devs understand importance of having isolated instance to test.

Micro services

New devs simply love to write long lines of code, and feel proud of writing 10K+ lines in one file or 1M+ lines in one application. They just do not understand how to divide a larger logic into small piece of task and write separate modules or micro services.

Security - SQL Injection, Password Hashing, Session protection

Even if enforced by framework or platform, devs will still avoid and write unsecure code manually just because reading documentation is really lenghthy process and does not fit project turnaround time. Unfortunately, it is not considered as part of skill.

Reading !!!

I think many of devs never mature to a state where they feel that after decades of experience, they still need to learn new technology, documentation and product updates. Very few developer achieve this skill.

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