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Thanks for the response man. You sound like me, working until I get too tired then sleeping for a short time, then starting all over. I sleep like 6 hours or less a day, too much to learn. LOL

Yeah. I liked the idea of big data too and since I am building a social app it sounded nice to have native clients to things like Spark. In the end there are other ways. The Scala 3 thing is what is going to hurt it most if not kill it. Plus it is JVM and doing microservices with it requires big $$$ Where it looks like Golang was made just for microservices from what I have read.

Also I think I will go with a modular monolith so it will be easy to break it out into microservices when the time comes. I have to investigate Golang and it's libraries/frameworks and how it works. That is todays challenge.