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A little work on twitter is going a long way for me. Try it. My strategy for the last few days has been to find people with tech interest, who are following more people than are following them and I follow them. If the person is following less than the number that are following them by a large margin, shows they do not follow people. I also like people with lower total numbers. With this strategy I went from 3 followers to over 100 in 5 days. I will continue this until I have thousands.

I am going to try some other strategies to get followers. Like posting different things and using hashtags. Getting traffic to your website is the hardest activity in the world these days really. I am going to try logic games with the polling feature next. Basically I will have to create an image with the logic question on it due to word limits. Then post it with hashtags etc.

Don't follow people with who have lots of followers, chances are they won't follow you because they won't see you. If you want them to follow you, find a post they have made and comment while liking it. This has gotten me a few followers. Plus this kind of follower can get you mass views if you post something and they share it. So with people that have mass amounts of followers, study them, learn their post content and start interacting so they keep seeing you.

I have found twitter is like fishing. You chum the water and wait to see what the fishies like then put that on your hook. LMAO I am still learning, it has been only like 1 week.

Good luck and thanks for your comments on Scala, I have since reconsidered the entire thing since I had not written a line of code yet. I got all the requirements etc. It doesn't matter what language or whether I know it or not. However according to corporations I would need to know the chosen language and all frameworks for at least 5 years before I could be competent enough to be given the wonderful opportunity to join a team and write a single module. Those job ads are such a joke and get worse daily. LOL I read some and can see clearly who ever wrote it has as much a clue as a fly about what they are talking about. Ever see the ones that want more experience than the framework, library or language has existed? Or is that a USA thing?