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Lead Generation for B2B in Google Search

One of the main problems of a beginning entrepreneur (and sometimes an experienced one) is the question of finding new clients.

Engaging customers in B2B sales is the most important function that sales and marketing teams perform. This is due to the fact that in any business, no matter what it is associated with, the more leads you generate, the more you earn.


In a very dynamic and competitive business environment, companies are constantly faced with the challenge of finding new ways to attract leads.


Unsurprisingly, more than half of existing businesses agree that it is difficult for them to attract leads, and a huge percentage of B2B marketers around the world consider getting quality leads as their biggest challenge.


If you want to increase the number of leads for your company while performing the minimum number of unnecessary actions and getting a large conversion, then PPC b2b lead generation will come to your aid. 


Search for customer inquiries

For different areas of business, search methods can be radically different, but the classic ones remain constant - these are:

  • warm contacts;
  • use of reference books;
  • advertising;
  • maintaining relationships with regular customers and partners.

All four of these methods must be used on the Internet. It is necessary not only to look for clients, but also to consolidate the company's presence in the network. To do this, you need to create your own website and post information about products in online catalogs. Thus, customers will find the company themselves.

The Internet, and in particular Google, is a huge platform for business. This is where the best place to start a highly targeted customer search. The main thing to remember is that you need real enterprises and people. It is easier to search by interests at a variety of thematic exhibitions, forums, groups, webinars and conferences. This will greatly simplify the work.

Warm contacts are considered the most common way to attract customers until you become a recognizable brand.

Ask your agents, colleagues, friends, and family to tell as many people as possible who can benefit from this. Pay people bonuses if you make a deal with someone they referred to, it will motivate them to tell as many people as possible about your product.

Try to be sociable and nice with the right people: personally communicate with people who work in your market. In face-to-face meetings, good deals are made easier.

Content update

Simply put, a content update is a hyper-specific downloadable chunk of some piece of content tied to one specific article.

This may include things like downloadable PDFs, some kind of pictures, additional checklists, step-by-step instructions for specific strategies, audio or video materials, and other additional materials.

Lead classification

Cold leads are people who recently found out about your business and left the app out of curiosity. They don't want to buy right now or they have no money, but they would like to share their confidential link and you can come back to this information later with new offers.

Hot leads are people who show interest in your offer. For example, they ask questions in the chat, leave a specific request for feedback, specify the delivery time and payment methods. But not always people will buy over time. This means that you will know about this fact and will be able to continue working with these clients.

Hot leads are customers who are willing to buy. Most likely they are loyal users or those who desperately need your product or service.

Lead generation channels

You can drive leads across multiple online and offline platforms. Ideally, if it will be traffic to your website, social network or messenger, and not a ready-made database. Users who come by themselves after viewing your ad offer will be of higher quality and more likely to make a purchase.


Features of advertising campaigns in B2B

Long cycle of transactions, high competition, high costs of attracting new customers and retaining old ones - these are the main features of the B2B segment. For these reasons, it is rational for companies to try various channels for attracting customers, including contextual advertising.

 B2B has relatively low search frequency, higher cost per click. Thus, advertising in the B2B segment is almost always a very niche promotion with the ensuing consequences.

The less often they search for a product and the narrower the audience for which it is designed, respectively, the more difficult it is for the advertiser to predict which queries potential customers use. In B2B, targeting inaccuracies easily translate into no conversions.

Very high CPA. Rare clicks at a high cost and low conversion rates increase the value of each order for the advertiser. At the same time, purchase volumes, prices and product lifetimes in B2B are usually much higher as well.

Therefore, if you are wondering if contextual advertising in the B2B segment makes sense, the answer is yes, but subject to two conditions. First, the margin of your proposal must be really high in order to cover significant budget costs. Secondly, a campaign in Direct or AdWords should be configured taking into account the specifics of the B2B market. This point needs to be discussed separately and very thoroughly with marketers.



Attracting quality leads is a priority for every B2B marketer. While there are many methods that marketers can use to generate leads, new opportunities emerge every year to improve past performance. Improve your lead generation in 2021 by identifying the methods that work for your business and implementing them well.

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Definitely a good read and a lot of takeaways to be had!

Most likely I'm going to be applying some of these strategies when I launch (or perhaps even sooner!)