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Help: Let's Podcast Together

ajonp profile image Alex Patterson ・1 min read

Hey fellow dev's (or is it coders). I host a very unpopular but hopefully one day popular podcast about all things web. Including how to become a successful coder and what it is like working in development teams.

What I need help with is creating a regular group of individuals that all love the Web, just like myself! Think but without as much drinking. I want to make this podcast a community effort so I am happy to take any advice and want to build this collaboratively!

I am also looking for guests to come on and talk about the amazing technology that you are working on.

So if you are interested checkout

Alt Text

Feel free respond in the discussion or

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Noice, I wanted to do this a long time ago, but not limited to web development, it can involve anything programming and engineering, like systems development, compilers etc. and yeah with less laughing/enjoying and more nerdiness. But I didn't do it as I lacked the necessary Infra and Funds.

But thanks for the podcast and all the very best.

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