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🎁 2021 CodingCatDev Giveaway 🎁

Alex Patterson
Hi I am the Founder of, a web development community. I love all things Web!
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Ready for a new CodingCatDev site and new courses next year? Are you ready for a new year altogether?! We are so excited for our new site that we are presenting a contest for you to feature your code. We will take all of the lucky winners and create a course on how you made your site, and if you feel comfortable, feature you in the video explaining why you made your site.


All prizes include a lifetime membership to CodingCatDev. Your creation featured for the rest of time as a course on CodingCatDev.

  1. $500 (USD delivered via PayPal or Venmo)
  2. Google Home Hub
  3. Chromecast with Google TV
  4. Google Nest Mini
  5. All the stickers (don’t forget Lifetime Membership)


  • You must build a fun site that CodingCatDev will host under the as a subdomain.
  • Must be in a public repo that we will fork to
  • Must have an excerpt and post on what your site does (minimum of 300 words).
    • Example:
    • β€œDancing Cats”
    • This site shows off how to use Firebase with your pet cats and music playing around the house. A video and some Machine Learning turns your normal kitty into a dancing machine…


I am really new to coding, how can I enter.

Have a fun idea but struggling to make something work? Use a photo of AJ and do some fun things with Cloudinary Image Transforations and just use CodeSandbox. I will help you get it into a GitHub repo.

I don’t have an idea

Follow one of our courses and submit your version of it! Or reach out on our


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