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Discussion on: Bring Your Vim/Tmux Navigation Reflexes to VS Code

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AJ Kerrigan Author

Hey Jeff, I wouldn't try to convince someone to give up vim for VS Code. I still happily use both myself, I just prefer VS Code more often these days and brought some vim muscle memory along for the ride.

Some of the work I prefer to handle in VS Code (testing and debugging for example) are just personal preference, and someone with a good set of vim skills/plugins/configuration would have no reason to switch. Other bits of functionality (like having side-by-side Markdown previews or Jupyter notebooks in the same editor as your regular code) work more nicely in a graphical environment... but not everybody wants or needs that.

I guess this is a bad sales job - I'd say keep using vim :).

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Jeff Sutherland

Thanks for the reply AJ.

I'd heard a few people I trust mention either switching or a desire to so it seems like there must be something to this but I haven't probed deeper. I listened to a podcast interview where Chris Toomey himself said as much to my surprise. I've heard that some of the front end tooling is better and IIRC Chris mentioned the language server completion stuff. I just haven't seen what the difference is in practice. If I get more into modern front end development, I'll look further.

Anyways, cheers.