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Discussion on: I've released over 100 apps in React Native since 2015, Ask Me Anything!

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Arun Kumar

I'm a very angulary .Net developer (please don't be mad :) ), with very little knowledge about mobile app development. Now I have to make an app and I'm very confused about choosing whether to go with angular-nativescript or ionic or react-native. I have zero knowledge of react library. The app I need to make is a simple one having a member registration/login/dashboard. I'm really excited and scared because I need to complete this with a deadline. Which one should i choose.

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Kyle Johnson Ask Me Anything

That’s a tough one considering the deadline, may be the one time I’d say with stick with what you know assuming angular-nativescript can give you the outcome you want.

You aren’t going to get native ui components with the other two, but it’ll get the job done I’m sure.