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ajcwebdev profile image anthonyCampolo ・1 min read

Looks like the One Piece launch is going well. According to Evan You, Vue v3.0 represents over 2 years of development efforts, featuring 30+ RFCs, 2,600+ commits, 628 pull requests from 99 contributors, along with significant development and documentation work outside of the core repo.

The way people think about writing Vue code is going to dramatically change over the next year as developers start utilizing the Composition API. I learned React from a hooks first perspective with class components kind of shoehorned into the curriculum at the end.

This was conceptually much more difficult than learning either an entirely hooks based approach or an entirely class based approach. The two do not play well together. The benefits of hooks are obvious, but I think the incremental adoption approach is harder than advertised.

If you can start a brand new app in a universe that declares "no classes" everything works beautiful. But that's not the world we're in for React and it's not going to be the world we'll be in for Vue. There will be tension between those who are all in on Composition vs those perfectly satisfied with classes

Just some things I think Vue developers should be thinking about.


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