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Discussion on: what's the status of mongoDB and prisma2?

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anthonyCampolo Author

Thanks so much Nikolas for this response. I think that a lot of the frustrations people have around these issues come from feeling that they are in the dark and so these types of run downs can generate a lot of good will and ease some of the tension.

I certainly appreciate the unique challenges that come from trying to occupy the open source and the corporate development worlds simultaneously. As someone who is firmly in the open source world at the moment I can say that Prisma is almost indispensable to multiple large scale open source projects that I see going on right now.

Developers love Prisma and they want to help make it better. The more processes Prisma can put in place to allow developers to make meaningful contributions will lead to more developers wanting to make meaningful contributions.

Unfortunately I believe there's not much that contributors can do at this point, unless they have a lot of free time and come equipped with some very solid knowledge about Rust, JS/TS and databases altogether.

I had the exact same thought, it is a very specific combination of skill sets and unfortunately I lack the Rust chops at this time (ask me again in a year and we'll see). But I do know JS and a decent amount about databases so hopefully some Rustaceans in the community can help me bridge the gap.

I will definitely be looking into the resources you provided. I think having this stuff on Notion but not on GitHub might be causing some of the feeling of a communication gap (says the guy on Notion is amazing though don't get me wrong.

I'd love to know if/when the MongoDB connector is at a stage where it's possible to build out basic prototypes and proofs of concept. I think that's the sweet spot of what I can help contribute. One of the things I really enjoyed about the project I built with Redwood and Fauna was that it was something that hadn't been done before, not because it took any crazy CS breakthroughs but because it just took a lot of tinkering and getting familiar with the idiosyncrasies of each of them.

The only way to get these large, oddly-shaped software projects to fit together is by having lots of people throwing lots of code around to see what happens and what corners they run into. And I do have a lot of free time.