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How I Got Selected into Google Summer of Code


Understanding Basic Coding Terminology: Industry Basics

Nice explanation for beginners who's going to join IT industr...

There's a first time for everything- My first simple app using React.

Haha cool 😅

But first, learn the basics

Its so helpful Article 🙏🙏

useContext for better state management!

So helpful Tutorial Thanks

5 Vs code extension's to increase your developer productivity

nice post and there are many extension that use, for example,...

JavaScript try...catch

Nice and helpful

Javascript session storage - beginner's guide

So helpful 🙏🙏

JavaScript Interview: Write a custom reduce function


Vue.js app using Diablo 3 APIs

Oh that's cool 😅

Angular Responsive Images with Text

Thanks, it helps.

Creating a new programming language

It's very cool to work on these kind of stuff, compiler, ne...

How to Dynamically Create Many Similar CSS Classes with Sass

Wow, that was helpful 🙏

What you should learn to become a good front-end developer?

Nicee.. helpfull.

What's one of the ugliest piece of code you've written so far?

Woah, thats cool man....

Welcome Thread - v52

Thank you so much katie, I will share new ideas with guys a...

What's the best thing to do when you've run into a debugging dead end?

Usually I take break.

What's the best thing to do when you've run into a debugging dead end?

I usually take a break, and then after sometime I start deb...

Welcome Thread - v52

Hi there,let's learn new things together 🤗