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Aileen Rae
Aileen Rae

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"Frontend", "Front-End", or "Front End"?

Exactly what it says in the title.

I've never been able to settle on my preferred spelling of frontend. Is there a community-wide preference?

A follow up question: I know that English-speakers can have strong opinions on grammar - is one of these spellings of frontend anyone's pet peeve? Why?

FWIW, I think "backend" looks much more natural to the eye than "back-end" or "back end", so I try to likewise use "frontend". I'm not convinced though. 😅

It's a little silly, but I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this in the comments.

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Diana Le

I prefer "front-end" but this is probably due to the primary sources that I use to keep up in the industry using the dash (CSS Tricks, Mozilla, Smashing Magazine). Second-most common on these types of sites I've seen is "frontend," which I think looks weird just because the term is so new and here we're making up a brand new word instead of combining two words.

What makes it more annoying is job postings rarely use the dash and instead use "frontend" or "front end" only, but that seems to be a limitation with not being able to use dashes in tags or search terms in their systems.

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Aileen Rae Author

That's an interesting point on search terms! I've had a colleague express frustration at there not being an agreed upon spelling because of SEO. He was responsible for job ads and worried that committing to "front end" would exclude potential candidates searching for "frontend". So I guess the annoyance is felt by both employers and job candidates!