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Looking for Maintainers for Lucia.js

Aiden Bai
student @ camas high school tinkerin' away on the web
・1 min read

Hey everyone!

It has been almost a year since I first started tinkering with the idea of Lucia. Through this process, I've been lucky to enjoy learning about creating a library and experience managing an open source project. Additionally, I've been fortunate to receive relative success I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this amazing journey.

However, I am still young and have much to experience, so my time on Lucia is coming to an end. I'm looking for new maintainers to take over Lucia to pass down, as I still believe that it has a lot of potential.

By no means is this a message to abandon the project, rather I want to decrease my influence on it and focusing on supporting it rather than actively developing features.

Please create a discussion if you are interested in taking over the project.

~ aidenybai

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