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Webdev & Research Projects

Plug: I work on Million.js: <1kb virtual DOM - it's fast!

This is a bit of a short post for me to share my thoughts about JavaScript libraries in research.

I've been working on various research projects for the past few years in high school, ranging from inventing practical methods of reducing microplastic pollution to creating fully fledged JavaScript libraries and presenting at ISEF.

From this experience, I've found that many web/JavaScript related research projects are subpar -- in fact, the entire web development field is downright untapped. Most research projects are unfinished, outdated, and so unpractical it has no use in real life.

Web development needs a lot of improvement in the research space. This allows other researchers to gain insight into new technologies -- in my case, JavaScript libraries. We need more representation to explore more interesting topics, like WASM, compiler-based frameworks, and worker-based libraries.

So... what should you take away from this? Well, if you have a substantial, practical, and useful library in the web development space, develop a research project in parallel to contribute to the great world of science.

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