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re: I actually knew about that, but really, it's more of a curiosity than anything. Like in "see this weird trick in JavaScript!" "What?! Weiiiird..." ...

The only decent use case is to break out of multiple loops.

In PHP we have e.g. continue 2; (continue the parent loop), or break 3; (break the grandfather loop) for this purpose ;)

We have goto but there's basically no legitimate use for it. The docs page has a bit of an Easter egg agreeing with that :p php.net/manual/en/control-structur...


Uh. That's even worse. Now instead of a descriptive label, one has to count the nested loops to find out what the heck this statement affects.

I don't prefer it, just stating it's there ;-)

My favourite is Swift that has continue label or break label to refer to what to continue or break, but no accompanying goto which I think is an important safety decision.


gameLoop: while square != finalSquare {
    diceRoll += 1
    if diceRoll == 7 { diceRoll = 1 }
    switch square + diceRoll {
    case finalSquare:
        // diceRoll will move us to the final square, so the game is over
        break gameLoop
    case let newSquare where newSquare > finalSquare:
        // diceRoll will move us beyond the final square, so roll again
        continue gameLoop
        // this is a valid move, so find out its effect
        square += diceRoll
        square += board[square]
print("Game over!")
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