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I like what many are saying with the exception of Google docs...ew.
I'm a GNU Linux dev.
So I want to share my experience here real quick... I took a gig where I was issued a proprietary / Windows system. I also have a lot of Linux Dev kits I work with and on also ...AIoT. So one day I created a simple bash script of under 20 lines to replace this huge workflow on Windows....
I did share this with coworkers who then wanted it on Windows...first of all I don't do that and second of all - the time it would take to recreate this on Windows would be significant. Another thing I noticed was setting up servers and such were so easy on Linux, especially compared to winblows.
I was not surprised to read in one of these posts, people were having problems with modules or drivers - the kernel is so inflated right now... Compared to back in the day. Another thing I see a lot of is developers not understanding how to build modules and load these drivers into the kernel...
I did a gig a few years ago with a macbook and it was slick.. but yeah it wasn't a developer's tool really.
I'll stick to Linux. Despite all the cultural issues with Debian etc.

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