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How to extract data from white pages using White Page Scraping tool?

How do I scrape data from websites and WP directories?
The White Pages website is an online directory of people and businesses, you can find contact information of people and background checks of people with white pages. In addition, the contact information of more than 25 million businesses is stored in white pages.
List of telephone numbers of people and businesses has a very important role in marketing, it can help you grow your business with telemarketing and SMS campaigns the data of the company's most valuable people and potential customers. Most people collect White Pages data for US residents, but now White Pages provide the same service in other countries as well.

Why extract data from White pages
White Pages allow you to find thousands of business and people data in seconds by searching for any name on the website. You can find people and business names, phone numbers, locations on the website. If you are planning to run a telemarketing or SMS campaign to promote your business or to find new business customers, you will need to collect a lot of website data, you can copy and paste the website data in an Excel spreadsheet,
but it may take a lot of time and effort, but you still will not be able to collect the amount of data you want from the website. We always recommend using software to Scrape White Pages data as it might save you time and effort and you can include thousands of business contacts in one Excel spreadsheet.

White pages leads extractor
There are several software on the market for extracting data from white pages, but you must select scraping software carefully. The White Pages Leads Extractor may retrieve information such as company and person names, phone numbers and website addresses and register them in an Excel spreadsheet. Using the white page extractor, you can extract any data you want based on your choice, for example if you want to extract phone numbers only and you are not interested in the location.

It is the most reliable and fastest data extraction tool for capturing leads that can automatically Scrape all search results pages and extract all leads which you can save in Excel or CSV format.
How to extract data from white pages with White Pages Leads Extractor:
The White Pages Lead Extractor is a United Lead Scraper project script provided by Ahmad Software Technologies, and it is the greatest online scraping tool for extracting data from any structured website like White Pages, Yellow Pages, Yell, Yelp and much more. United Lead Scraper offers many pre-built tape scrapers.
You may download and install United Lead Scraper from the Ahmad Software Technologies site and get White Pages Scraper Now click Run Extractor, the software will open the White page extractor in a new window, and you are now ready to extract leads from the White pages”
In the paid search box, you'll discover two white page scrapers: one for people search and the other for big search businesses.

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