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What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning
With representation learning ,Deep learning must be major part of machine learning methods supported artificial neural networks .
it’s a category of machine learning algorithms and a sub set of machine learning.
Deep learning models are supported artificial neural networks (ANN).
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are computing systems. it’s supported a set of connected nodes called artificial neuron.
Artificial neuron are elementary units in a man-made Neural Network (ANN).
Artificial neuron receives one or more inputs and sums them to supply an output. The sum is skilled a transfer function which take the shape of other non-linear functions.
“Deep” word in “deep learning” refers to the amount of layers through which the info is transformed.Different layers may perform different sorts of transformations on their inputs.
Signals moves from the primary (input), to the last (output) layer.
Deep Neural Networks
It’s a man-made neural network (ANN) with multiple layers between the input and output layers.
In deep neural network, each mathematical manipulation intrinsically is taken into account a layer.
The complex deep neural network (DNN) have many layers which may model complex non-linear relationships.
Data moves from the input layer to the output layer without looping back in deep neural networks.

We may divide the deep learning into three phases.

Design Deep Layer Architecture (Neural Networks)
Setting all Hyper-parameters (Loss function,optimizer etc)
Plow ahead and test run (Testing data on Unseen data to urge accuracy)
Application of Deep Learning
Speech recognition
Speech recognition is that the most successful case of deep learning.
Smart speakers are the simplest example of application of deep learning.

Image recognition
The image recognition has been producing more perfect results than human contestants.
the great example of application of deep learning in image recognition is deep learning-trained vehicles now interpret 360⁰ camera views.

Natural Language Processing
Google Translate supports over 100 languages.It had been an out sized end-to-end long STM network.

Direct Marketing
Customer relationship management are often performed by deep reinforcement learning.

Drug Discovery
Use of deep learning has been taken to predict the bio molecular targets and toxic effects of environmental chemicals in nutrients, house hold products and medicines .

Image restoration
The Film colorization,in painting,supper resolution, and de-noising problems are being handled by using deep learning.

Anti concealment
Deep learning is being applied for anti concealment and financial fraud detection.
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