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Awesome thread Ahmed!

Don't ask for help solving a problem in a community or chat before you tirelessly try to find the answer to your problem yourself. This will become a bad habit.
1 - Try to find the answer in the documents.
2 - Try to find the answer on Google.
3 - If you go to a community or chat or something: try to find a question like yours that has already been answered.
4 - If you feel the need to create a new post, tell exactly what you have tried to do, and preferably host the code in places like pastebin or gist to demonstrate this.

Remember: One of the programmer's main skills is solving the problem. You must fix the problem yourself or together.!!! Don't pass the responsibility, grab it, so you will become a better programmer. <3


Don't ever forget that those around you who seem to have a vast array of knowledge started from exactly where you started. 😉

If they can do it, then so can you.


Don't use shift-delete on a windows system. Ever.

Don't ever underestimate the amount of time a coffee break takes. When attempting to figure out how much time will some task takes from you, add 50% to your initial assesment.

Don't think the super hard problem you are facing is unique. In fact, there's at least 90% chance Someone have already solved it and posted the solution somewhere. Learn how to use search engines to minimize the time and effort you invest in each problem.

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