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Not at all work related since I've been on vacation this week, but I finally finished watching all of Bleach (I've been working on it on and off for the past 6 months, glad I watched it but not likely to do so again), finally got around to watching The Mandalorian (far better than I expected given my views on most of the movies since the Disney acquisition, really looking forwards to the next season) and BNA (actually sad that the series is so short, which is rare for me), and finally got started watching Dragon Ball for the first time (and wow, blatantly obvious that it's from the late 80's just from the first 5 minutes of the first episode).


I should really check out Dragon Ball also.

Funny memory was finding my dad watching it when I was a kid — he quickly changed the channel to the news (my parents were trying to limit the number of cartoons I watched) 😂😂😂

Especially funny because, by that point, Dragon Ball hadn't been on the air for years, so good old dad was deep into reruns.


Prior to watching it now, all I've ever seen of the entire franchise is a few bits and pieces of some of the Dragon Ball Z episodes. The original series definitely shows it's age in the animation style (not bad, just 'vintage'), the humor (some of which even in Japan probably would not make it to the air as-is today), and the multiple minute long intro song (both the duration and the style), but still has a lot of the ridiculous over-the-top silliness that I love about shounen and seinen series.

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