re: Which Git Tool do you use in your work, Git GUI, Git Bash, Git CMD ? VIEW POST


None of the above.

When I absolutely need to use it from Windows, I use it under WSL so that I actually have a complete environment and full access to both everything git itself can do as well as full functionality of a properly managed UNIX shell environment (ZSH in my case, but that's orthogonal to this).

Otherwise, I just open a terminal emulator and start using it directly.

I have some integration with my shell (displays the branch name, if there are changes or not, and if there's anything stashed or not for the repository I'm currently in) and my editor (displays branch name and whether the file I'm working on has changes relative to the branch), but those are honestly just convenience items that I don't even technically need.

In my experience, the GUI options don't really add much unless you don't have a complete understanding of how VCS works in general or have serious issues mapping mentally from the textual output to the actual DAG structures and the transformations on them that are performed by Git. Neither is the case for me though, so there's not really any benefit to me using a GUI.

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