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Add a button to show & hide the Kintone App's header

Here is a script to add a Hide Header button in the space element below the header. The button is a toggle to show and hide the Kintone App's header.


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// Add a button to show & hide the Kintone header
// If this code breaks, verify if `gaia-argoui-app-index-toolbar` is still the correct class name for the header
(function () {
  'use strict';
  // Run a function when the record list page appears'', function (event) {
    // Prevent duplication of the button
    if (document.getElementById('toggle_button') != null) {
    // Set a button
    const toggleButton = document.createElement('button'); = 'toggle_button';
    toggleButton.innerHTML = 'Hide Header'; = '10px'; = '10px 10px'; = 'Header Display Toggle'; = '48px'; = '1px solid #e3e7e8'; = '#f7f9fa';

    // Button onclick function
    toggleButton.onclick = function () {

    // Retrieve the header menu space element and set the button there;
    // const record = event.record;
    function headerToggle() {
      let header = document.getElementsByClassName('gaia-argoui-app-index-toolbar')[0];
      if ( === "none") { = "block";
        console.log('Showing the header');
        toggleButton.innerHTML = 'Hide Header';
      } else { = "none";
        console.log('Hiding the header');
        toggleButton.innerHTML = 'Show Header';

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If this code breaks, verify if gaia-argoui-app-index-toolbar is still the correct class name for the Kintone App's header.

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