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What is RunJS, and why it's great

Arsenii Gorushkin
Backend developer who wants to be Fullstack and DevOps Engineer
・1 min read

Has it ever happened to you, that you have a small piece of code that you want to test, but you don't want to go to some website, or make a separate settings just for the file? Well, you are in win, because today we are going to talk about a piece of software called RunJS.

What is RunJS?

RunJS is a javascript playground written with Electron, that allows you to debug code, or see the output of the function in a very small amount of time.

Why is RunJS great?

  • RunJS allows you to install npm libraries, hence testing small libraries become easy
  • You get every piece of output in the output
  • It allows for quick testing, and you don't need to go to a website to test small pieces of code
  • It is available on all major platforms such as MacOS, Windows and Debian platforms
  • Allows for Typescript and Babel transpilation
  • Has access to Node and Web APIs
  • Runs code fast, and executes it on change
  • Allows you to set working directory as well as importing modules from other files
  • Enables you to set environment variables

And this just scratches the surface of what RunJS can do. So why are you still here? Go and use this awsome piece of software that you can find over here!

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