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What is Apache AGE?

Apache Age, developed by Apache Software Foundation, is an open-source project. It is an extension of the PostgreSQL database management system and stands for a graph extension. Apache Age combines the reliability and stability of PostgreSQL with the added features and capabilities of a graph database. Users can store, query, and analyze graph-structured data within the familiar PostgreSQL environment through Apache Age. Its flexible graph data models allow for the efficient handling of complex relationships and interconnected data. Apache Age offers a wide range of graph query capabilities, including traversal, pattern matching, and graph analytics, and can be used for applications such as fraud detection, social network analysis, and recommendation systems.

Initially developed by Bitnine Global with the name AGE (Agens Graph Extension), it was based on their Postgres-forked graph database AgensGraph. In April 2020, Bitnine donated the project to the Apache Software Foundation, and it became an Apache incubator project. Apache Age then changed its name to a Graph extension. In June 2022, it became a top-level project within the Apache Software Foundation.

Apache Age's features include PostgreSQL integration, hybrid query with SQL and open cypher query languages and the ability to query multiple graphs. It allows users to create property indexes on both vertices and edges using SQL syntax. By optimizing graph queries that involve searching for specific values within indexed properties, users can extract insights and patterns from graph data while minimizing processing time. Finally, this efficient tool eliminates the need for switching between different tools or platforms, allowing users to analyze and extract insights from multiple graph datasets within a unified database environment.

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