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Finally the right place to post my humble OpenGL implementation!

afpaiva profile image Andre Paiva ・1 min read

Happy to find a channel to share my humble works!

I'm Andre, architect and urbanist from Brazil, 40.yo(2020), willing to change my life on a career change. Studying to get a good job on Canada. Dream I've been focused. Well, I have been applying for jobs, but I think I should learn more and launch some side projects, after this I'll be more confident.

I'd like to show a simple implementation, my first contact with OpenGL, an old graphic library for C++. This is a Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Alt Text

Actually, I understand programming logic, I have learned a lot since starting Algorithms and Data Structures classes. But I feel there is an universe to learn yet.

If someone read this, please, tell me what you think!
Here are the codes:

Huge Thanks!

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