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Thank you for your reply Ben. As you stated the key point of any interview is to have a conversation around a question. I'm not pretending that the question "What is Git fork?" was intentionally created to confuse or derail a prospective but having to see in response the interviewee correction ("stars" would be immensely happy to do that) or mentioning that "a fork isn't a Git concept" for the rest of us is a solid and clear sign of a conceptually strong candidate (and that was "the" intention). It's again my pleasure to say thanks to you and AleX for pointing it out in a first place but let me leave that question title as it is to be the "anti-pattern" some people will stumble on and discuss :)

Thanks for the comment Ben here.

Aleksei, I just want to note that you could have approached this whole situation in a much more constructive way. And since you're generally a great community member, I just want to remind you to take the time to address issues you see in a less provocative way.

I know you're acting in good faith, so just want to remind you that expressing tone on the web can be hard but we have high standards for community members to put in the effort to be good about this stuff.

we have high standards for community members

Last time I have read that it was Orwell’s “1984.” It’s not gonna happen. Excuse me, but I’m not marching in formation. Simply put, I was grown to respect freedom of speech, liberty in general, consideration of diversity.

Applying “high standards” in a way of tentatively prompting a manner I am supposed to express my opinion does not conform to any of the above. Diversity does not mean “anything that suits the list of permitted” as well as freedom of speech does not mean “anything that corresponds to the rules.”

Linus Torvalds is obliged to reply to the same accusations on the regular basis and I would cite my favorite quote:

Do you really want to oppress a minority? Because Finns are a minority
compared to almost any other country. If you want to talk cultural sensitivity, I'll join you. But my culture includes cursing.

Response to Sarah Sharp’s bullying

Please note that I never bully for the sake of bullying, but even if I were, you only have an option to ban me (after all it’s a private club and I am fine with that.) Telling me to behave differently is unacceptable, sorry for saying. I believe that people around, specifically in developers communities, are mature enough to be able to defend their points of view and opinions without being babysitted by strong regulation rules implied by the Ministry of Truth.

Also, you are probably to decide what do you value more: how provocative is a way of expressing an opinion in comments or how high is the average quality of the articles and/or discussions. Whether the main goal of running this site is to make people happy reading “That’s cool” replies to any crap published—I’m fine with that. That won’t make me happy, but I’m fine with that too; that’s how things in the democracy (read: majority rule) use to happen.

I just want to warn you that vaccination was invented as an immunoprophylaxis. It saved a lot of human lives. And if you are banning me and me-like members of the community, having as per your admission a good faith (which is true btw,) sooner or later you’ll face the immune deficiency against harsh statements. Which is—trust me—way more offensive and insulting.

This happens to be the too long answer that is honestly not implying an answer. I wanted you to read this to puzzle you and to make you ponder the thing.

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