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The Saving Platform you've been Dreaming About.


Unicorn-savings was a project that my teammate, Sahil Bondre and I built during the hackathon of NITK, hackverse. It was a 24 hours hackathon and to be able to present a sufficient finished product to the judges was essential to my team.

Unicorn Savings is a web application that focuses on managing your savings through the process of gamification by providing you with your own personal virtual pet.

Pitch of the product

Getting pocket money to survive the week and by the end with all the extras, well everyone just spends it needlessly. This app will help you with the management of your savings and not in a boring way ofcourse. We are here with, Unicorn Savings, to gamify your experience with the savings management.

Problem we tried to solve

  • Problem 1
    College students don't save money.

  • Problem 2
    Students would end up spending the amount they saved needlessly.

How Unicorn Savings Solves it ?

  • Gamification
    Seeds in the habit of saving

  • Leaderboard
    One leaderboard for a college makes it more challenging and engaging.

  • Returns
    Saved money won't sit around but will rather be invested into mutual funds.

Business Model

To expand our project, we believed that when the user wants to invest into the unicorn savings, it can be either done through the basic payment gateway or else through providing ether. This way the user has the choice through which mode they want their savings to be done.

Additional to this, we believed in personifying the virtual pet through AR to constantly provide reminders on payments as well as congratulate on leveling or receiving any form of rewards. Through this way, we thought the user would gain an interest in using the product.

Tech Stack

The major stack used behind the creation of app are included as follows :

    For front-end visualization and creation of a flexible ui.

    Lets your React components read data and dispatch actions to the store to
    update data.

    For back-end computation and management of data using express.

    For cloud storage and easy management of data.

Links to Project

  1. Devfolio Link For Project
  2. Github Link For Project

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