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re: Thanks for you thoughts. I didn't mean to say other disciplines don't need focus, but I really feel that pain as a developer. I think that's an in...

I don't believe this argument was made.

I interpreted developers NEED asynchronous communication to be the default to be an exclusive statement, but I now see that I added some personal context, I apologize for putting words in your mouth.

I think that's an interesting approach, but I feel like the people building the product are opposed to using it the way you've described.

I think that's completely fair, but I don't much care if they disagree with my notification setup :) Twitter probably doesn't like that I have notifications entirely disabled, but I'm not letting that stop me either.

It's probably only exclusive in that this is a developer-centric site. In the small, remote fishing village where I do stuff, we use the term Maker (as in Maker vs. Manager) to describe those of us who need focus — artists, designers, developers, writers, etc.

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