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"Trivia can be memorized. Problem solving requires experience."

Nailed it right there my friend. I've grown so flabbergasted and frustrated at the state of the interview process, particularly in the JavaScript world, that I have decided to take the bull by the horn and attack it heads on. You can look up what I have written about it here on devto if you like.

At a meetup recently, I have conducted this experiment. I divided the room in three teams and asked how many of the people in attendance were Basketball fans and geeks. Not so much were lol, but that was perfect for the exercise.

I then proceeded to have them compete around a Basketball trivia, and everyone was of course into it. No need for hoops knowledge to kick the competitive spirit into gears ;) At the end of the 5 question exercise, the team from "Middle Earth" won lol :) They had about 65% of the answers right.

the highlight, besides the high fives, was the simple fact that in a room full of non-expert on anything Basketball, one team was able to score 65%.

This has become unfortunately the sad state of the Coding interview process.

I really like the "giving or proposing a solutions approach" here and I will surely implement it in my proposition to the hiring companies. I have started a series of questions that have for ambition to be relevant and help in the fix of this problem.

Here are the first eight, it will be nice to have your take on it when you have a second. Relevant JS Questions

Thanks again for writing this. Cheers :)

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