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Software Development 101: Source Control

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As a software developer, one of the things that you need to deal with on a daily basis is Source Control. Source Control is the tool that if you are not using you are wasting your time and not deliver high-quality products.

What Is Source Control?

In short words: A tool that you use to keep track of your code versions. Your code will always change and grow, and it will never be the same as you start. To maintain your code and even to share your code with others you use Source Control.

Source Control is a powerful tool that will help you get ahead. You will be able to manage the program and the code features via it. Also, for example, if you are in a large team and you want to share your code with others they will be able to see your code and use it and even modify it. The best thing, you will be able to go back to older versions of your code. So if by accident remove something you can retrieve it from Source Control.

How Important is Source Control?

Very Very important, if you are not using it you are reinviting the wheel like a lot. Also, it is for free and would not cost you or your team anything.


One of the most popular and well-known Source Control out there. And I use it for each project I create. You can Download the client from here. The client will help you setup a local repository and use it. But, a better option is to check out online sites such as GitHub, BitBucket and Azure DevOps


It is a well known Source Control and is used mostly with .NET applications and also you can use it with other languages. It has most of what Git offers but it has tighter control over files.

Git Demo

It is very easy to create a repository that contains your code in Git and put it online either as a public or private repo to share an open-source project or to collaborate with others. We will use VS Code. Make sure Git is installed on your machine.

Open VS Code and open the command palette. Select 'Git: Initialize Repository' command and select a folder that you want to use as the repo folder.

After that, add any file to the workspace. Notice that the file is colored in Green to show you that it has been add/changed.

After that, go to the Source Extension and click on the Tik sign above to commit your changes. You will need to input a message just as a description of your work. After that, you will be able to add and edit the file while having different versions from it.

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