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5 Tips For New Software Developers

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So, you decided to join the Force of Software Developers where you will able to create apps websites, and more! Welcome to the club, but before you start I have five things I want to let you know about it so you can have fun and grow.

1. A new JavaScript Framework pops up every day

JS is the most hated and loved language of all time. I don't think it is bad but some points with it make it a little bit difficult to handle.
No issue my friend, you don't need to know and use all these frameworks. Find a well known one such as Angular or Vue and master it. Don't ride the hype train it will make no difference.

2. Software Development Is a collaborative work

It's not only about writing code, you can write code alone but you can't create a program alone. It is the collaborative efforts between you and the Project Manager, Product Owner, QA, and more.

Work with your team to get the software up and running. You can't and will never be able to do it alone.

3. Self Learning

No one will show you what to read and learn. You need to keep yourself up to date no matter what. Don't see other people who just are passing by and not doing what is needed. Keep yourself updated it will pay off in the future.

4. Work until it is done

Sometimes you will go through times where you have a task that will take extra time. You can leave at 5 pm and leave the task incomplete. But, it will be reflected on you and how people see you. Commit to finish or trust me it will be against you.

5. Build your online profile

If one thing I wish to change, I want to create more content online. I want to have my own personal blog and brand. It will never be taken away from me. Also, a collection of GitHub Repos where I can show off my coding skills.

Hope you find this material useful. Please check out our developer guide course for new software developers

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