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Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 29th edition)

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AdultChain • Edited on

Still Looking For Front End PHP Developer

For a live streaming clone

So shameless I hated my first submission being one requesting help instead of writing tutorials and giving it like I normally would.

But here we are and you asked - Looking For Front End Developer

I can script but I need a front end developer for a live streaming site that is powered using its own cryptocurrency blockchain. Some of it is already done, and for the most part seems to be mocked up too.

But I still need to find someone who can code first, ask "when moon" or "when lambo" later. Seems like everyone wants to be your manager when your at the top. So I came here to call on my kind of people!

On the flip side of things Im not the managerial type, and want to learn and am very hands on, already a daily Linux user, and very comfortable on a terminal, just lack the critical pieces needed to build a site the way I want to in the time frame I have.

Sorry hate the subject matter, and asking it here, but you did said #shameless and #promote all in the same sentence. <3

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Juan F Gonzalez

And what is the front end being developed already with? I know both PHP and Javascript so depends on the stack I can take a stab at it.