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It really doesn't depend on the OS, it depends on what the need is for the specific job. But with that said, yes, Linux is more than perfectly capable as a development platform. I use MacOS and Linux exclusively these days, as my job generally revolves around internet related technologies (web dev, back end, etc) and is also heavily focused on Apache Projects and other open source. Because of open source, I'd even argue that Linux is the superior option for most open source projects, unless that open source project involves .NET/C#. Then it might behoove one to have Windows for the Visual Studio option.

But otherwise, MacOS and Linux are entirely, completely, 100% viable for the vast majority of software development.

For the graphics tools though, if you can switch to Linux compatible software then you can easily transfer your dev there. I can profer other tips too for Gimp and whatever else one would need.

However the other option is to, if you want a solid platform, I'd still stick to MacOS for the foreseeable future (until maybe when they change a chipset and that may mess things up).

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