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Climatetech looking for a CTO

Hello everyone, I'm Adrien (blue shirt), I'm looking at a CTO for our ClimateTech.

  • I'm the cofounder of adapt, a tool that helps our thousand of users to reduce the GHG emission of their energy consumption by visualising the "electricity weather forecast". Our users in Europe consume electricity wisely : they reduce consumption when carbon intensity is higher ("peak demand"), and they post pone some electricity consumption when carbon intensity is lower (e.g. "smartcharging of electric vehicles"). Our beta tool works with manual actions of our users, and we're automatising the process for significant electric uses (e.g. HVAC & EV charging) and GHG emissions reduction calculation.

  • Our beta is available here:

  • I started adapt with a friend of mine, working as part-time full stack developer, and we now have a junior full stack developer and some freelances. We have thousands of users and are working on some really interesting pilot projects with energy organisations. We're a non-profit and we're looking at a CTO willing to dedicate its coding skills to fighting climate change! Please send me an email at adrien [at]

  • Our current tech FYI: Languages: css (especially twitter bootstrap 4), javascript (very little...), php 7.x ; Framework: symfony 4.x ; Web hosting: docker (local), AWS elasticbeanstalk (production)

Thanks in advance!

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