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Discussion on: I'm thinking of replacing Ubuntu, what do you suggest?

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Adrien Centonze

Have a try on Linux Mint! I originally had a dual boot win/ubuntu but I wasn't a big fan of ubuntu. I think it was too far from windows for me and didn't really see the point of using it. I wa originaly a 3D game artist then a developper and a lot of my workflo was based on windows. This was until my computer melt down thi summer. I decided to go all on linux and choose for linux mint and I must say that I am really convinced by it. I installed it on an old Imac that I fund in my garage and it really make the job, I now have everything settle correctly and I am much more convinced by it thant ubuntu was, even if it's a good os, something wasn't feeel right.

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Frans Allen Author

Sweet! will check and ping you if I have any questions, that OK?