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⚡ CSS Text Animations

adriantwarog profile image Adrian Twarog ・2 min read

This is a quick video to show you how you can perform a few different text animations ⚡ for your website.

You can use these types of animation effects for landing pages, transitions and hover effects.

The types of animations we will go through are the most popular and easy ones including:

  • keyframe animation
  • hover animation
  • text-shadow (allows you to perform glow effects)
  • letter-spacing (expanding text!)
  • opacity
  • font-size
  • font-weight
  • line-height
  • background-clip

There are lots of other ways we can do animation, but those are just a few. If you like the content of content, I would really appreciate a follow on twitter on a subscription on youtube as I am trying to branch out to provide more useful content. 👍

If you have suggestions on things you might want to see, please leave it in the comments below. 😊

Quick Link to the video: https://youtu.be/UugW7G7rsYQ

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