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re: As somebody with no disabilities: no. I already often have issues using and navigating websites. Readability is often fixed by turning on the brows...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

I admit that it's tempting to go overboard with animations and cool effects to make your website as unique as possible. We definitely need to consider how these animations affect people with disabilities and their browsing experience.

Off the top of your head, which websites you find the most usable?


Slashdot for example. It's design is quite clean and simple. But most important, there is surprise on the interactive elements.
When scrolling on the site everything stays where it is. It even has proper keyboard navigation (although that requires reading the manual).

Dev.to is also good. There are a bunch of confusing interaction parts. But they are non-destructive. Like pressing the (?) when writing an article, it hides your editor which might seem like you did the horrible thing of navigating way and losing all your input. Or hovering over your avatar in the upper right produces a drop-down. But clicking on it suddenly dims the page.

Note, I do browse with adblockers. So I'm not sure how terrible websites become without those.

I had the same thoughts about the "?" button when I was writing the first few of my posts. And I never clicked on my avatar to see the page dim, that's curious.

I will check out Slashdot more in-depth and see what I can learn and apply to my everyday work.

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