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Discussion on: My Vue Experience after 3 projects in 18 months

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Roberto Cordova Albelda

Awesome! I have a question, Is there any advantages by creating your own component using tailwind than using ready made components provided by some component framework of Vue like vuetify and quasar ?

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crisarji Author

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Hey sir!, good question, well 2 out of 3 projects were already using that approach when I started to work there, kicking in and redefine the methodology is not quite easy 😅, in the 3rd, it was a side project on my own, and I wanted to create something on my own cause the experience, it's been a gret way to understand, Im the sort of person who learns applying, so the advantage was mostly that...

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Will Forbes • Edited on

Speaking from 1.5 years working on the same large vue project I would say that if you have the time(budget) to create your own components, you'll benefit from a very fine tuned custom look and better performance, which can be worth it in the right situation. However, 9 times out of 10 going with vuetify has saved us alot of time and made the whole process easier. We've identified some areas where custom components would help, especially where video and document editing are a focus, but our plan is to wait until our user base grows and we get more funding. Hope that helps