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Bypassing Recaptcha

What alternatives would you use then?

Regex solution

I have used for figuring it out. It worked fo...

Regex solution

Hey thanks for sharing this!

Many Nodes, One Distributed System

Hi Vaidehi, Thanks for a quick response, this helps. I am ...

Many Nodes, One Distributed System

Hey Vaidehi thanks for sharing the article. I am not sure ...

Python tips 101

Thanks for sharing the links.

How I organize my knowledge as a Software Engineer

Can you share your resources, I mean the development worksp...

Python tips 101

I am really looking forward to more content from you. I am ...

I love git log

There seems to be a typo in the last command for git log ...

What are some stuff that you wish somebody told you when you started learning Vim?

Read practical vim and mastering vim books. It will be wort...

Scalability resources


Scalability resources

Thanks for sharing.

Scalability resources

It is easy to game the system. Just use the wrong date when...

Overcoming the mental blockade

When ever i start a new task i always have this mental bloc...

My editor journey: sublime, vim, emacs, vscode

I have read vim resources like practical vim and mastering ...

Spoof a commit on GitHub. From Anyone.

Why is the repository disabled?