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re: Hi Aditya, I am writing this series as I am learning about distributed systems as well! Basically this means that I also don't know all the topics...

Hi Vaidehi,

Thanks for a quick response, this helps. I am curious to know about how are you going about learning distributed systems? What resources are you using?

Whenever I learn a new programming language, I learn the basic syntax and solve standard algorithm problems to get the hang of the language. Later I keep picking up new stuff as I am working.

This method doesn't work for distributed systems. For example CAP theorem, I need to figure out use cases in which availability or consistency or partition tolerance is preferred. May be you will run into this issue as well.

I am not sure how to practically apply distributed systems having a single laptop. May be I need to use docker images, free tire of firebase or aws to learn more about this.

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