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How To Turn Your Startup Idea Into Reality With Startup MVP Development.

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Being an entrepreneur, you launch your product in the market with high expectations of getting success. But getting a win just after launching is not that easy as its looks. Your product has to pass through some crucial phases. Your product might hit in the market, or maybe it goes flop, or we can say consumers might not accept your product as it is or they reject it.

Just for god's sake, you launch your product in the market and it gets an instant hit from the market. Yes, in this case, you are lucky enough. But just think if it does not get successful. Now what? Your business will have to face a big blunder.

So, now the question is how we can save your business from blunger. Here, MVP development comes into the picture.

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What is the MVP Development Process?

Minimum viable product: - As the name suggests, MVP is the smallest model of your projects with necessary and essential features.

Suppose you are having your startups in Mobile application development and you want to build MVP for startups. In that case, you have to build a minimum viable product of application with essential features and functionalities. After taking the iterations of your MVP, creating the actual application start with a full set of features.

Benefits of MVP app development

  • Early Testing Opportunity
  • Allows Market Validation
  • Focus on Building the Core
  • It Takes Less Time to build an app
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Give potential users’ opinion

Need to Build an MVP

While launching your product, have you thought about the initial idea approval? If yes, the MPV development process is the best to work on your idea and convert your idea into a customer traffic product.

Stats that backs the Need to Build an MVP

  • 29% of Startups fail because they spend money unnecessarily.
  • Starts can grow 20 times faster if they build MVP for Startups.

Let’s understand the reason for building an MVP for startups.

Creating an initial model: when you build an initial model for your product, it gives a point to discussions and gives you a clear future visual of your products.

It gives you idea approval: when you share product MVP with potential uses, they will give you genuine feedback. That helps you to understand where your idea is lacking.

Preparing to begin your journey: when you have any idea in mind, it takes months of investment to improve your idea. But instant of improving MVP helps you to start working on your idea.

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product for startups?

Step 1: Start with Market Research

Sometimes it happens that you have an excellent idea in your mind and still your products failed. It’s surprising, right? But yes, it can happen if your idea does not work in the needs of the market. So, before going for the MVP app development process, you just need to identify whether your products require the market or not. For that, you need to the market research; the more you do research, the more you will get success. Also, you need to the competitor analysis.

Step 2: Ideate on Value Addition

Being startups, you need to identify that there is any value your product offers to the customer? What unique you have to offer that force them to buy your product? These are the questions that you need to look at before going to implement your idea.

First, you need to outline the value to your customers; according to that, you have to build an MVP.

Step 3: Map Out User Flow

This is a critical perspective of developing MVP, and you must have to design your application that is convenient for users. While developing your application, you need to think as uses. You need to think about the design which your uses see when they open the application or going to close the application. So, use flow is important, which helps you to build a user’s friendly application and gives your users satisfaction.

Step 4: Prioritize MVP Features

After identifying the design, you have to focus on the features you must want into your application before building the MVP. Once the MVP of your application is getting ready, you need to verify the features.

From that full list of features, you need to prioritize the basic features that must be included in the MVP. for that, you need to identify what users want and want beneficial you are offering.

Step 5: Launch MVP

Once you complete the process of market research and identify your prioritized features, now it’s time to build an MVP. While building an MVP, you must have to keep an eye on the quality of your MVP.

MVP is not your final product, but it is going to introduce to the customer first. So, MVP must be users friendly and engaging.

Step 6: Exercise - Build, Measure, Learn

This process is very important. First, you identify the scope of your products and start the development stage of your products. After developing your products, it’s time to testing. Quality assurance engineers help you to improve the quality of your product.

Taking reviews after launching your MVP is crucial. It gives you an understanding of your client’s reaction towards the product. You get the idea of your products the competency in the market.


As you are in a startup, you have so many questions in your pocket, like how to build an MVP. But I hope this article will help gain some clear understanding about the MVP, and now you can go for your minimum viable product app development. If you still want to know more about MVP and its other aspects, contact the MVP agile software development company.

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