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How Hiring Indian Programmers Can Reduce Project Costs?

aditya_g_2212 profile image Aditya Goswami ・4 min read

In an area where everything seems to be dependent on technology, it is crucial to have a dedicated web development team, which helps you get a boost in business. This makes it crucial for business and within that, It can be quite expansive.

So, are you looking for dedicated programmers that can do the work on your complex project the way you required within budget? Here I have a solution for you, you can hire dedicated Indian programmers which help you to reduce the project cost.

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Let’s understand how?

How Hiring Dedicated Indian Programmers from an Outsourcing company can help you to Reduce the Development Cost?

Even I am very excited to relieve the secret to ensure that your project cost remains on your budget. But how is it possible? So, if you want to reduce the overall cost of your project and want your project cost to be within budget then the first thing you can do is hire Indian programmers team from a reliable company in India.

1. Eliminating the External Hiring Cost

When you try to build your in-housing team for the project, the cost is increased within team building. Instead, you can collaborate with an Indian company and get the best dedicated Indian programmer team. You can get expert programmers with a wide range of skills. They are benefited to you when your projects require developers, QA, PM, UI/UX designers, etc.

2. Benefits of Outsourcing From India

When your complex projects are asked for experts and professionals for handling them, it becomes tough for you to select a suitable company. Having excellent dedicated programmers is tough to get. But once you successfully find out the best company to stand by your side, you can hire a dedicated team of your choice now. Let’s see how you can get price benefits from different countries.

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When you hire dedicated team of programmers, you do not need to create office space and infrastructure. In fact, you end up saving money and valuable time. So, if you do the outsourcing from India, you can save a significant amount of money. Here are some points that you need to consider while hiring dedicated programmers.

  • Hiring an in-housing team can be 42 days long process on average.
  • With the in-housing team, you need the resources like infrastructure, rents, systems, etc.
  • You’re required to pay some benefits like annual raises, insurance, performance, and much more.
  • You need to give training to the in-housing team.

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With the above cost comparison, now you have clear your doubts why Indian programmers are the best choice for you and how they reduce the overall project cost.

3. No Training Cost

Within a short period of time technologies are getting updates and new features. And to get updated with current technology you need to train your in-housing team continuously. Which can be costly. But with the outsourcing model, you do not need to give them training. Those Indian programmers are well trained by the firm you are taking outsourcing services.

4. Pay Per Project Without Commitments

If you are hiring dedicated Indian developers, you only need to pay for the services you are outsourcing. Unlike an in-housing team where you need to pay for resources they are using. That’s so great…!

Benefits of hiring Indian Programmers.

  • Complete control
  • Improve Project Outcomes
  • Easy to Handle
  • Greater Focus on Business
  • Flexibility

Which company should you choose? and why?

After reading upto here I assume that you will get to know the importance of hiring Indian programmers. But I am sure you have one more question. From where in India? Right? Well, I have the answer for that too.

Bacancy Technology is the best software development company in India with a reputed presence in India, USA, Canada, UAE, UK, and Australia. Bacancy technology has more than 450+ dedicated developers with experience of 5-7 years. The reason behind Bacancy’s success is they are following Agile methodology and focus on the client’s requirements first.

So what is the cost structure in India?

Let’s take a look at costs, the company has a simple cost structure, which is easily understandable. The company does not keep anything hidden from clients about the cost. They offer the most affordable cost.

If you want to hire Indian programmers or a team of dedicated developers, you can send the inquiry to the company. If you require full-time dedicated developers, the company charges a cost of around $25-$35 per hour (may vary from the time and requirement).

Business Model:

  • Full-Time Hiring
    Duration: five days/week and 8/hours per day
    Communication: Skype, Phone, Email
    Billing: Monthly

  • Part-Time Hiring
    Duration: five days/week and 4/hours per day,
    Communication: Skype, Phone, Email
    Billing: Monthly

  • Hourly Hiring
    Duration: As per you require
    Communication: Skype, Phone, Email
    Billing: Monthly

Take away

A dedicated Indian programmer is the best option for you when you want to reduce the overall cost of your project. If you complex project to do, contact the best web development company and hire a dedicated developer. It will surely reduce your project cost by half.

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