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Aditi Rathi
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Best Option Analytic Platform: Quantsapp

What is Quantsapp?

Quantsapp is an India-Based Analytic Firm wihich Promises to make "Complex Options Simplifed"

It is a Dedicated Options Analytics Platform made for Traders by Traders, with the widest range of FREE option Trading Tools in the industry.

Their Goal is to equip Retail Traders with intelligent Algorithms via. Tools at much affordable cost & without putting much of knowledge they can be placed well in the battle of Future & Options.

So now lets Understand Quantsapp in Depth & How can it can help in Making your Complex Options Trading Simplified

About Quantsapp Application

Perhaps the only App to come across with the Widest Number of Free Option trading Analytic tools. It provides 24 Free tools for Options Trading in India currently

Some of the Free tools that I personally like are

  • Synopsis: It Simplifies Options data analytics by color codes& Helps to Track the Movers and Shakers of FnO Markets
  • - Open Interest: It helps to Decipher options participants reaction to any move or event & Track the Change in Options OI from your Desired Date and Time.
  • FnO news – Get Daily Updated news from Futures & Options Market
  • - Options chain – A simplied Representation of Options Chain Data
  • Built-up – A decicated tool for Options Data
  • - Index contributor- It represents the market leaders and laggards.
  • SGX Nifty – A tool to track SGX Nifty & Many More.....

One particular tools that Quantsapp has Introduced & is a Personal Favourite for me is ORDER & TRADE ANALYTICS

A real time Analytic tools with a latency of less than 1 second. It has more than 30+ Indicators that help you analyze your Strike price of Any desired Scrip or Options.

Buyer & Seller indicators are some of the most famous ones, where you can realize the no. of Buyer quantity, seller quantity & many more...

Last Few Words about Quantsapp

It is perhaps the best tools to analyze options currently in the INDIAN STOCK MARKET. Quantsapp is way ahead of time & with the amount of effort they have put, its perhaps the leader in Options Trading Industry. I would personaly recommend Quantsapp for all the Options traders in INDIA. Wishing them to launch the app in Other markets as well as this would be a turning point in the entire Industry of Options Trading over the Globe. They are available acroos Android, IOS & webapp which makes them quite convinient

You can Also avail a sweet benefit of 500 INR on Signup by using Reffereal Code "QUANTSAPPIT". A really sweet gesture by Quantsapp.

Download Quantsapp/visit the Quantsapp Web:

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