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Adithya Rajesh

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My start in Web Dev

I am that child who LOVES to do everything and explore every opportunity he gets. There is never a no from my end when I see an opportunity. I joined engineering in 2019 after a gap year where I tried to explore multiple things and two things that struck me was that I loved storytelling in any form and I love designing and curating experiences.

I knew I would be doing engineering post the gap and I was looking at domains where I could explore and UX and Front end dev caught my eye.

After multiple online courses, YouTube lessons, playlists, books, I didn’t enjoy the process as it felt like everything was scattered. I am a person who loves process than result and I never got a chance to assess myself, unlearn, relearn and interact with other devs.

I came across a cohort which I found interesting and it actually focused on the process than the result and was all about implementation than just theory. I started preparing for it but there was so many ups and downs and a lot of circumstances which were not under my control

The biggest learning I had over the past 3 months was that there are 4P’s a programmer needs, Passion, Process, Persistence and Patience. I have faced over a month of procrastination, imposter syndrome and a bunch of other things. I was on the verge of quitting but there was something that still got me back to creating and I feel it goes back to my love for curating experiences.

I really hope to build my skillsets around these domains and grow not just as a technical developer but also a creative entrepreneur moreover start my journey by getting into that cohort!

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