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Discussion on: Do you monitor the activity of your third parties?

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Adriano Di Giovanni Author

Thanks for your reply. You made me think about my own question.

My original intent was to investigate how we developers monitor announcements like this one:

Starting January 23, 2018, we will no longer support Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK versions lower than 7.0.0 for Android or iOS. To continue serving mobile ads from AdMob, Ad Exchange, or DFP after this date, please upgrade to the latest Google Mobile Ads SDK

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Xing Wang

Well, yes. Moesif won't capture news announcements like that.

But if say an micro service or external service is upgraded (or if team for that micro service is doing continuous integration and new version is released automatically), and errors are caused by that, moesif actually will detect and attribute it correctly.

Sometimes the error caused by upgrade of micro service can be really subtle. For example, if you have a mesh of micro services that depends on each other, error at one location could actually be caused by another micro service that seemed to function fine.