PHP Console Application made easy

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adhocore / php-cli

PHP Console Application made easy- build great console apps with ease


Framework agnostic Command Line Interface utilities and helpers for PHP. Build Console App with ease, fun and love.

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  • Command line application made easy
  • Inspired by nodejs commander (thanks tj)
  • For PHP7 and for good

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What's included

Core: Argv parser ยท Cli application

IO: Colorizer ยท Cursor manipulator ยท Stream writer ยท Stream reader


composer require adhocore/cli


As argv parser

$command = new Ahc\Cli\Input\Command('rmdir', 'Remove dirs');
    // Arguments are separated by space
    // Format: `<name>` for required, `[name]` for optional
    //  `[name:default]` for default value, `[name...]` for variadic (last argument)
    ->arguments('<dir> [dirs...]')
    // `-h --help`, `-V --version`, `-v --verbosity` options are already added by default.
    // Format: `<name>` for required, `[name]` for optional
    ->option('-s --with-subdir', 'Also delete subdirs (`with` means false

Helps you build bespoke, interactive console app easy and quick - includes commands, actions, argument parsing, colors, cursors, interaction and all that is required.

inspired by nodejs commander


composer install adhocore/cli

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thanks for good words. would love to hear about what awesome thing you will be making out of it. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Now supports autocomplete (for now in zsh only, but others might be improved) :)

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