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re: Thank you everyone for these comments! As a recent grad I’ve been feeling like I don’t belong in these junior dev openings. I feel like I could lea...

Hey, Shane! I'd say you never really feel ready and you should definitely just shoot! I was exactly the same in the sense that I always felt like I needed to know a few more things before applying but I still didn't feel ready when I applied for a load of companies and I'm heading off for the final interview in about 30 minutes to one of those companies! I have a pretty empty portfolio online but it was more a case of making a good impression through my application and interviewing that lead me here. I also had to do a small practical challenge but that was fairly simple. If you google "code newbies imposter syndrome" there's an awesome article on this kind of problem! I actually listened to it this morning just to give me a pep talk haha ... best of luck ✌🏻✌🏻

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