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Discussion on: Building a Micro Business: The Beginning

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Adam Hill Author

Yep, I definitely realize that launching something isn't the end goal -- it's the beginning! Then starts marketing, SEO, getting the word out, etc., etc. Finding product-market-founder fit is super tricky, too! Now I just need to write a new post with my continued thinking about this. :)

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Aidas Bendoraitis • Edited on

What I noticed from the last months of learnings about marketing: the marketing should start before the launch while building or even before starting to build something. Otherwise, you won't get enough people interested.

One of the common practices is having a website with a form to subscribe for information about your product launch. Another approach is having a crowdfunding campaign.

These approaches let you evaluate how necessary the product could be for other people.

And for SEO, it's necessary to have a unique product name and domain name. As well as create some blog content while developing, to get indexed and get higher search-engine rankings pretty soon.