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Discussion on: Wtf is git?

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AdamDSherman • Edited

I use git frequently but it frustrates the hell out of me. It just seems to do random things that no one can explain.

For example, yesterday I merged my code onto our development branch, like I have done hundreds of times before. However, this time the pull request got updated with a whole lot of code from other people's branches - hundreds of files I had never touched. This happens not often, but with some regularity. No one in my team knows why and the only advice given is to copy out your files and start a new branch form scratch.

Right now, too, I am trying to update a local development branch: 'git pull origin dev-branch' but am getting the error Could not read from remote repository. Again, no one knows why. I can access the repo fine on Github and it was working fine yesterday, but today it's not (and is costing me hours of time in debugging).

Git just seems way too temperamental to me. Does anyone else have this similar experience?

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Johannes Author

Have not noticed that type of issues if I don't count the times people have used git commit -a, could it be that your git client changes line endings or "lint fixes" files? Or that you merge/rebase other peoples branches before pushing?

Could not read from remote repository. I get when the repository is down or my net is broken, could that be the issue in your case?